Help with Vet Bills for Seniors

If you find that you need help with vet bills, there may be people who can help you or ways to make the financial burden easier.

Get Help with Vet Bills

Dogs can suffer from medical problems just like humans. The difference is that many dogs are not covered by medical insurance. The cost of treatment often exceeds the budget of a senior dog owner, leaving the dog to suffer in pain or be euthanized to avoid pain and suffering. This is a heartbreaking situation, but there are some possible ways to get treatment for a pet that you love even if money is tight.

Ask for a Payment Plan

If you have been taking your dog to the same vet for a long period of time and have always paid your bills faithfully, they may give you the option to make payments for expensive treatments. Not all vet offices will offer this option, and you can’t expect the offer from a vet that you have not used previously.

If this option isn’t offered outright, don’t hesitate to make a request or ask what options are available. You never know what is permitted until you let someone know what you can reasonably afford to pay on a weekly or monthly basis.

Use Your Credit

You can use credit cards or take out a line of credit specifically to cover the costs of veterinary care. If you don’t want to work with a bank or lender, you can use programs like Care Credit which offer lines of credit for health care purposes. You will need good credit to qualify for a healthcare loan.

Apply for Financial Aid for Help with Vet Bills

There are some agencies that offer financial aid to pet owners in need, but you are not guaranteed to get chosen to receive this type of aid. To find out about these programs, search out organizations and charities related to animals or dogs specifically. One to look at is

You can also ask local shelters or community animal welfare agency to see if there are any other financial assistance programs that you may qualify for at this time. When all else fails, there are websites that allow you to set up pages pleading your case to the general public. These fundraising websites allow you to present pictures along with your personal story so that others can consider donating to your pet’s cause.

Consider Your Own Assets

You can also consider raising money yourself by selling valuable belongings or holding a yard sale. You may also be able to secure a personal loan from a loved one with an agreement to pay them back over time. If you think creatively, you may find that you have resources you never thought about before your pet became sick.

If it comes down to desperate times and you cannot cover the estimated medical expenses for your dog, consider getting a second opinion and quote. Another vet, perhaps in a smaller town, may give you a lower price for the same treatment or alternative treatment options.

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