The Best Dog Travel Crate to
Hit the Road Safely

Why do you need a dog travel crate? If you don’t like the idea of leaving your dog at a kennel while you go on vacation, visit family or travel for business, you may decide to make your dog your travel partner.

Dog Travel Crate

The first thing you need to make the trip safe and comfortable for both you and your dog is a travel crate. In most cases, this crate will be different from the one you may use in your home on a daily basis.

Airline-Approved Crates

Most airlines now have standards that they require all passengers to follow when traveling with a crated pet. Crates that meet those regulations are not difficult to find because they are labeled as airplane-approved on their packaging. You can find them in local pet stores, but there is a larger selection of shapes, sizes, designs and colors if you shop online.

If you sometimes travel by car and other times take to the air, you may want to purchase an airline-approved crate so that you can use the same crate for all trips. You may also find a crate that is not airline approved but which you prefer for road trips. The most affordable option is to find one crate that can go anywhere.

Sizing Is Critical to Comfort

You don’t want to cram your dog into a small dog travel crate because it is what works best for your budget or is the best size to fit into the backseat of your car. Your dog needs comfort just as much as you do while traveling. You also don’t want to purchase a crate that offers your dog too much room because they will spend the trip being thrown around, potentially getting injured along the way.

The perfectly-sized crate will offer enough room for your dog to stand up, turn a circle and lie down comfortably. If you have a puppy, you may need to purchase a new travel crate when they reach full size. You may also find an adjustable crate that fits your dog’s needs.

This will require you to check how the dog fits into the crate you have prior to leaving for a trip. This gives you enough time to purchase a larger crate if your dog has outgrown the puppy-sized travel crate.

Accessorizing the Crate

Dog crates may come with absorbent padding built in for comfort and protection against leaking if your dog urinates. You still want to add a comfortable dog mat or bed if you can find one that fits. Adding a toy that your dog loves will ensure that your dog is comfortable and has something to do while traveling.

If your dog crate doesn’t come with a water bottle that feeds into the crate, consider adding one. These bottles attach to the outside of the crate and release water when your dog licks the end of a dispenser. Most dogs will figure out what the dispenser does on their own, but you can show them at home before leaving if you are concerned.

Carrying Your Dog Travel Crate

Lifting a travel crate is difficult for some seniors because it requires lifting the weight of the dog plus the kennel and all accessories placed inside. You may have the option of putting the crate in your car and then having the dog hop inside in order to reduce the weight you have to carry. You may also have someone else carry the crate and place it into the car and get it into the airport for you.

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