Dog Training Benefits for
Seniors and Their Dogs

There are many dog training benefits for any dog owner but training can be even more beneficial for seniors.

Dog Training Benefits

You may open your home to a dog because you are soft hearted or you just want a companion, but you will find that your dog becomes a beloved member of your family. If you live alone, you will enjoy having someone to talk to and take care of each day. If you live with others, you will enjoy the energy that is introduced into the home by a fun puppy or a sweet-natured older dog.

Dogs can also help keep your mind and body alert and active as you get older. You have someone to think about beyond yourself, and you must make sure they get the exercise and nutrition they need each day. Pet ownership is a wonderful thing but only if you give your dog the proper training right from the first day they enter your home.

If you already have an untrained dog in the home, you may already realize some of the dog training benefits. It’s okay because it is never too late to start training your dog into better habits. Training takes time and effort, but there are so many benefits for you and your dog.

Training Prevents Confusion

Imagine going into someone else’s home and being expected to understand how they do things without any instruction or explanation. You would continue doing things your own way because you don’t know any different, right?

That is exactly what dogs do when brought into a new home without proper training. They don’t know what is expected of them, so they continue being dogs. That means using the restroom in any spot that smells good and chewing on everything in sight just to see how it tastes. You don’t want those behaviors in your home, so you have to instruct your dog on what is appropriate for your home.

Once a dog is trained, they know how things operate in your home and what you expect of them. They know a better way of doing things, so they fall in line and give up their old doggy behaviors.

Training Ensures Your Safety

There is always the risk of a dog knocking you down or doing other things that put your health at risk. For an elderly person, a household fall could mean substantial injuries that require a hospital stay or a period of time resting. Your dog would never intentionally hurt you, but if they are not properly trained to stay out of your way while walking or not to jump up on people, they could unintentionally cause an accident.

Training Frees You and Your Dog

Senior Man with a Dog

The only way you can take your dog outside of your home is to train them. Your friends and family members don’t want an untrained dog running through their home. An untrained dog is more likely to run away or pull off their leash when walking at the park. For the safety and comfort of everyone in your local community, you need to train your dog before venturing out in public. This is the only way to free your dog from the confines of your home, and that frees you as well since you won’t have to worry about getting home on time to feed your dog

Training Keeps Everyone Young

You want your dog to use their brain just as you need to use yours to remain mentally alert as you get older. Training is an ongoing activity that you can use to keep both of your minds alert and properly functioning. There are always new skills and better behaviors to be learned!

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