Are Dog Nutrition Supplements Necessary?

Many seniors wonder if dog nutrition supplements will help their dog live a longer and healthier life.

Are Dog Nutrition Supplements Necessary?

The truth is, it is a lot simpler than that.  They need freshly prepared food even if some of it comes from a can.    They need fresh clean water changed 3 to 4times during a day and regular exercise.  They need you to show your love by fussing them with plenty of gentle patting to the front flanks.   These are the only essentials that every dog needs to stay alive and content.

That means that most dogs don’t need nutrition supplements to stay healthy, but it doesn’t mean that supplements are not beneficial to dogs. There are some dogs that can live healthier, more comfortable lives if they are given specific supplements on a daily basis. Other dogs are generally healthy but may live longer if they are fed healthy meals with some additional dog vitamins or supplements.

Does Your Dog Have Health Problems?

If your dog suffers from any type of health problem, ask your veterinarian if they may benefit from any type of supplement. You should make sure the supplements you want to use will not interact negatively with any medications you are giving your dog to treat their medical condition. In some cases, your veterinarian will agree that specific supplements can help with joint inflammation, stomach upset, weight gain and many other side effects that come with illness.

Determining which supplements may help your dog is dependent on your dog’s medical condition. While you cannot expect any supplement to heal your dog, select varieties may ease their pain, reduce inflammation and ensure that your dog receives the vitamins and minerals they may not get enough of through their daily meals. Your vet can help you determine which supplements, if any, may have a positive influence on your dog’s treatment.

Is Your Dog Healthy?

Man with a Healthy Dog

If your dog has no known medical conditions and is running around healthy wet-nosed, they may benefit from general vitamins or supplements designed to enhance their well being in general.   Just as no human consumes a perfect diet every single day, you know that your dog is not consuming a perfect diet each day. Supplements provide what they may not get sufficient of through their meals, ensuring that they are as healthy as possible especially as it ages.

Vitamin and mineral supplements can also give your dog a thick, shiny coat by keeping their hair as healthy as possible. You may also notice that your dog is more energetic and is happier in general when they are receiving supplements on a routine basis. This comes from exceptional nutritional backed up by nutrients needed to help any dog thrive.

Are You Unsure about Dog Nutrition Supplements?

If you are uncertain about giving your dog supplements, contact your veterinarian first. You may feel more comfortable researching the specific supplements you want to give your dog so that you know exactly what they are consuming and what benefits come from each ingredient. You can then discuss your dog’s health and the benefits of the supplement with your vet if you are uncertain your dog should take a specific product.

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