Dog Inner Ear Infection


Dog inner ear infection symptoms are probably the most common dog ear infections dog owners should be aware of,recognizing this infection in the dogs ear is not difficult because of the odour.

Yeast is the cause and has a characteristic smell of old bread that has been dropped and forgotten perhaps in an outside fridge or cupboard and left, some people refer to this yeast smell as moldy, while others think of it as pungent old musty cheesy most unpleasant pong.

dog inner ear infection

A deficient or under active immune system can allow the formulation and growth of yeast this is the principle cause of a dog inner ear infection process so reducing the climate in which it grows and multiplies is the obvious course of action to take.

Dog Inner Ear Infection Causes

dog inner ear infection

Yeast is a spore form of fungi that can overgrow and multiply very quickly and can be become very itchy,so the clues you have to aware of are the following:-

  • Scratching is a sign of dog inner ear infection, but they will also scratch other body areas to try to get relief to their paws.
  • Biting or nibbling their paws.
  • Licking the lower leg and paws.
  • Boot scooting across rough floor or ground areas

Diet is the key to a dogs good health,and initiating a balanced healthy nutritious food management routine and a dog feeding schedule is the foundation for having a happy stable, healthy pet you can have a harmonious and trusting relationship with for may years.

Eliminate the foods that are known to cause yeast infections, sugar in any form in the animals food is the culprit sugar enables yeast to grow and multiply.

With any dog inner ear infection getting relief from the itching and irritation for the dog is any owners prime concern.

It is critical when you have a dog that has yeast infections to check the dog food tin or the labels on the food to see if they contain any of the forms of sugar,then choose a sugar and grain free dog food recipes.

Carbohydrates are complex chains made up of various forms of sugars. When they are eaten the body converts them into sugars and this is the feeds yeast.

Many premium dog food brands and dog treats add sugar flavorings and high fratose corn syrup to their products as well as corn,wheat,or potatoes to add bulk to the dog foods,these ingredients break down quickly into carbohydrates and then into sugar that feeds the yeast infection.

If there is a significant yeast problem with your dog, many recommend sugar free is the way forward Feed low-glycemic mashed vegetables. Eliminate all grains and all potatoes, corn. Starving the yeast of its food (sugars) is really the first important stage of ridding of the dog inner ear infection.

Diet is the cornerstone of good health for humans as well as for animals so the better the food the better your dog's immune system will manage to fight off yeast infections will be both in health and temperament,and a contented dog is a happy family member.

Better food is not necessarily expensive foods,high store bought manufacturers packaged foods whether its a top rated dry dog food,low residue dog food,it is a trial and error process to find the correct balanced dog food for your dog.

The best method is to try some and make notes of any signs of dog food allergy symptoms or dog food intolerance symptoms over a period of a couple of weeks with any type of food,noting any latent reactions or changes in temperament or any obvious dog digestive problems that may arise.

Since yeast infections more often than not start in the dogs gut as the sugar in the dogs food feed the yeast it multiplies out of control,the dogs immune system cannot contain it and yeast fungus spores overflow. As the dogs largest organ the skin a dog skin infection is first noticed because of persistent scratching by the dog caused by the irritation of the yeast.

Once you have sugar free low carbohydrate dog diet by eliminating the all the grains like corn,wheat oats and rice and potatoes you can begin to get rid of the yeast infections, I would like to say its easy but its not, any dog skin yeast infection is notoriously stubborn to get rid of.

Other to try step is to add a little anti fungal ingredients you can buy or a home remedy yeast infection tip often used is to add a small amount of garlic to the dogs food.

Another useful tip is the anti fungal shampoo or a home remedy I use is anti fungal skin wash 2 times per week I use my home remedy dog yeast infection treatment.This is Apple Cider Vinegar,but it has to be the natural unprocessed type not the refined product you see on a dining room table.

The natural ACV has almost a cloudy sediment called (mother) floating inside the vinegar. I use a 50/50 water and ACV mixture on the hot spots I squeeze a few drops on the areas I want to disinfect 3 to 4 times per week.

In addition I use a 500 ml or large glass full of AC Vinegar to a 5 litres of water mixture,I sponge the liquid on the hot spots infected body areas and around the dogs sensitive parts very gently making sure I sponge around the genital and backside areas,I am also careful the dog infection between toes area saturated with the mixture, and then get plenty on the dogs back and tail.

The ears I am very gentle with only a damp sponge not allowing any of the mixture to go down into the ear canal before I start very gently on its ears. Normally with the changes in the dogs diet of zero sugar the immune system starts to build up and with the ACV treatments the yeast infection starts to dis-abate slowly and clear after a couple of weeks,however if it does not show a marked improvement I know its now a problem for our veterinarian.

There is a further option with the dogs diet and that is to steer away completely from the hydrolyzed protein dog food, to a nature diet dog food that is gaining popularity because of the obvious benefits to the good health for your dog.

Raw Dog Food

Raw food dog diet has many advantages.With natural,unprocessed,uncooked meat/fish and bones the dog is able to digest the food and exercise its jaws and keep its teeth cleaner and as an added bonus its breath will not be as smelly.

With added vegetables raw and chopped quite small the animal will get all that it needs for a basic healthy.The vitamins,minerals, trace elements and  roughage will boost the immune system against yeast problems,the dogs stools will be less in size but harder clearing the anal track so its glands will not require clearing regulaly.But the only down side is the time and preparation involed.