Is Dog Flea Medication Important?

Your vet will most likely suggest dog flea medication for your dog because if your dog spends any amount of time outdoors or interacts with other animals, there is a good chance that they will encounter fleas and ticks.

Dog Flea Medication

One flea can lead to an infestation, and you may have a huge problem before you even realize your dog has fleas. It starts with a bit of scratching and irritation on your dogs skin and can end up with an infestation inside your home. This means you not only have to treat your dog, but you have to treat your home to ensure they are not repeatedly infested as treatment is delivered.

Rather than cleaning up an infestation after it happens, there are some things you can do to protect your home and your dog from ever developing an infestation. It all starts with a good flea medication which is obtained through your veterinarian, at local stores or online. This medication is applied to the back of your dog’s neck, and you can use flea and tick shampoos to protect their skin and fur if necessary.

Once you start treating your pet with dog flea medication, keep on a routine treatment schedule year round. You don’t want to quit treating your dog in the winter months because they may still get infested if the winter is not harsh enough to fight back the flea and tick population. It is much easier to treat your dog throughout the year, ensuring they are protected at all times.

Protect Your Yard

Your dog isn’t the only thing that can become infested with fleas or ticks. These small pests can take over your yard, infecting your dog over and over as you let him or her out to play and use the restroom. The easiest way to reduce your chances of this happening is to control access other animals have to your yard. There are still ways that fleas and ticks may get into your lawn, but at least you know they won’t be transported there by infested stray cats and dogs.

You can use a fence to keep your dog in your yard and other dogs out, but you may also want to use gardens and other decorative features to create boundaries for all animals in your neighborhood. There are also lawn treatments that control fleas and ticks during the warmer months when these pests are most active.

Tick-Borne Diseases

It may seem like a lot of hassle to treat your dog and yard on an ongoing basis, but there are health risks that go beyond the irritation your dog feels when infested with fleas or ticks. Fleas can cause skin irritation and infection. Just one blood-sucking tick can give your dog a disease that is expensive to treat or which puts their life in danger. All of this is easily avoided by giving your dog a flea medication that will keep these biting pests away from your pet and your home.

Better Safe Than Sorry with Dog Flea Medication

Don’t take chances. Fleas can drastically affect your dog blood supply and well-being unless it is treated quickly. Fleas feed on the dog’s blood and can quickly reduce your dog’s healthy life in a matter of days by making it anemic. Intensive care is often necessary to get a dog back to good health and the charge of veterinarian’s bills and extra medication can be very, very costly.

In these cases, prevention is far better than the cure. So have some flea medication always ready.

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