The Best Dog Crates Choices, Choosing the right Type for your Dog.

When choosing a crate from all the models available you must consider your dogs own special requirements as well as your own circumstances.

  • Dog crates for a puppy or for a mature dogs home and den.
  • The dogs size and weight must be considered in your choice of dog crates.
  • Is the crate going to be situated permanently at home or is it to be portable.
  • Is the best for you Plastic.Wooden, Metal,Wire collapsible or a fixed solid style?

Dog Crates:

    They should have a closed rear section with an opening door to enter or leave,They come in a various sizes, styles and made from metal, wood,wire, plastic, or fabric,rigid or even the collapsible ones now are widely available and used mainly to keep a dog safe and secure for such as car journeys they are  used as a travel container for the dog.

The majority of containers for dogs are usually designed to replicate a dog's natural den. The main purpose is to provide them with a profound sense of security, or just general controlled environment the animal feels comfortable and at home.


  The dogs enclosure need only be big enough for the dog to stand up in without its head touching the roof.It should be able turn around and lie down comfortably. It should be long enough for a dogs to stretch out flat on his side and should not in any way let the dog feel cramped. Also, I should not be over large or it won’t provide the feeling of safety and security.

There are many furniture plans available online for those with time available and who prefer to make their own wood dog crate furniture,but for most of us with very busy lives we have to buy what will be best available for our individual doggy's circumstances.

There are so many types and styles available from a simple folding wire dog cages to a luxury  bespoke models to your specifications just for your dog. However for most of us the choice is restricted to selecting from a local pet store one of the many indoor and outdoor varieties.

Most most popular these days is the small dog container that can be carried and used for for traveling.

There are many of these portable models, most can be carried and are usually made of light weight materials like wire and plastic covered with durable washer able,padded material panels many are detachable to let in light and air


It is also a good idea to have a cover to darken the inside, this helps to settle your dog and make it less likely for him to be disturbed by distraction outside. Covers can either be a blanket or better still vinyl covers that are easy to keep clean and are not a heaven for fleas. Whichever type you choose, make sure your dog has plenty of ventilation and is not in direct sunlight.

Plastic Crates

These type of crate are usually used ideally for a potty training puppies,they are made of durable polypropylene with chrome plated steel doors, chrome-plated ventilation side panels, and a leak-proof bottom. They can also be adapted for car traveling provided they can be securely fixed or the crate can be strapped down in the vehicle so as not to moved with sudden car movement


These are Highly portable. Bottom of crate can sometimes be used as an open dog bed if the crate is no longer wanted offer better insulation in colder climates.

Many of them are airline approved so can be used for air travel.


Lack of air circulation. many pets easily get frustrated  if they can't able to see out  of the sides.


Soft sided crates look a little less intimidating for first time users than imposing wire ones and I think they can be a good choice for crate-averse people who often find them easier to use as they look less ‘like a cage'.


Very lightweight and portable Very easy to store when folded Good for Calm dogs who won't jump around and roll the crate over on its side Great for traveling purposes.


Difficult to clean.

    Destructive dogs can eat their way out.

         Clever dogs may figure out how to unzip and open the door panel,it has been done.

                                                    Aluminum Crates:

An aluminum dog crate is almost one of the most indestructible dog crates it is of great use for transportation purposes,they are appreciable by trainers,owners of hunting dogs and dog show enthusiasts.


These crates can be quite lightweight despite their dimensions Ideal for dogs with a reputation for destroying and breaking out of plastic and wire crates Proper ventilation,due to several holes

Some aluminum crates have a reputation for exceeding airline requirements.


May be significantly more expensive compared to other crates May not be easily found in pet stores Some dogs accustomed to breaking out of other types of crates may get so agitated while trying to get out from these crates that they may hurt themselves

Wood Dog Crate:

A wood dog crate is typically purchased for dogs that are outdoors more often but mainly live indoors these require a more heavy duty den to use as an outdoor dog kennel, many have access to a secure garden area through a doggy flap opening usually from a kitchen or integral garage.

Often serving as a  decorative solutions that become a garden feature sturdy and secure, yet also these outdoor crates and kennels are good solutions for those people who are looking to enhance the garden and create something a little more stylish.

It can often be of use as a centerpiece furniture item almost like a miniature (dog house) in your garden that you can place ornaments or any other item that you like on top.



Some can be used as furniture become/replace an end table dog table or even a side table. But remember this is outside you will still require an indoor home to crate your dog so will still need extra space in the house for your crate


Heavy weighted,difficult to carry Destructive dogs can easily chew the wood If crate has a finished wood floor,always provide a detachable duplicate floor you can remove and clean it as it can get damaged if your dog has an accident in his crate.

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