Why Dog Collar Tags are Important

Dog collar tags are not an optional accessory for your dog. If you keep your dog primarily indoors or live in an area where they aren’t likely to get lost, you may wonder why you need to put a collar around their neck.

Dog Collar Tags Are Important

This is a common question from dog owners who don’t want to cause their dog unnecessary discomfort or who don’t see the point in financially investing in a dog collar. While it would be great if indoor dogs could go without these collars, there are reasons that every dog should have a collar with the proper tags.

For starters, dog collars and tags are legally required in many areas. If you are caught with your dog outside of your home without the proper tags, you could face a fine. Even if all of your neighbors know and love your dog without identification, you may be legally responsible for keeping your dog indoors if they don’t have a collar and tags.

Beyond legal requirements, you should keep a collar with tags on your dog at all times because you don’t know what is going to happen. Your dog may stay indoors most or all of the time, but that doesn’t mean they won’t one day dart out the door unexpected or find themselves outdoors during an emergency.

Many pets find themselves wandering the streets unexpectedly after natural disasters hit their homes. It takes time to find those pets and return them to their owners, but returns are only possible if the dog is identified through those tags hanging on their collars.

Even without a natural disaster, there are unexpected circumstances that could lead to losing your dog when you go to the vet or take a trip down to the park. You may think those things will never happen to you and your dog, but you never know. It is always better to be prepared for nothing than sorry for something later on.

Dog collar tags should list your name and at least one good phone number where you can be reached. Some people include cell phone numbers and work phone numbers in addition to home phone numbers just to make sure someone is always accessible if something happens to their beloved dog. You may also include your address or that of your dog’s vet to help with the return of your dog if something does go wrong.

You will need a basic identification tag for your dog’s collar, but your local laws may also require a shot tag or registration tag. Make sure you are aware of these laws because tags are always more affordable than the fines that come with violations. As you move or change phone numbers over the years, you will need to update those tags so that they remain valid if your pet ever goes missing.

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