Essential Dog Cleaning Supplies for Housebreaking a Dog

Dog cleaning supplies are a top priority if you are going to attempt to house break a new puppy or an untrained dog.

Essential Dog Cleaning Supplies

When housebreaking a dog of any age or size, you have to expect accidents. In the beginning, your dog may not fully understand what you expect of them. This is especially true of puppies or rescue shelter dogs that have never lived inside a home with their owners. You will need time to show your dog what you expect and allow them to adjust to your rules.

Dogs of any age may test your rules, and there may be times when you are not completely consistent with the schedule for outdoor potty breaks. Senior dogs and young puppies may have issues with bladder control which naturally leads to more accidents, even after they understand what is expected of them within the house.

This doesn’t mean you need to live in a home that smells like dog urine. Not only is that uncomfortable for you and anyone else living in your home, it isn’t sanitary for humans or dogs. The best thing you can do is stock up on the right cleaning supplies so that you can eliminate all traces of dog urine and scents of feces immediately after they are deposited.

Urine Cleaners & Deodorizers

Fast and thorough cleaning with the right products will ensure that dogs don’t make one area of your home their litter box. If they can detect the smell of their excrement from previous accidents, they will think that is the place to go next time the need arises. Erase that smell so that they know the only appropriate place to use the bathroom is outdoors.

You need a cleaner designed specifically for cleaning up pet urine and removing this specific odor. You can select from a variety of sprays, but they will require you to scrub the spot to ensure a thorough cleaning.

There are also some powder cleaners which make it easier. You simply put the powder over the urine, wait a given period of time, and then vacuum it up. These are used for wet urine and other liquid messes, so they may not work well if the urine has dried. Keep dog cleaning supplies like a spray cleaner on hand just in case you don’t realize a mess until after it has set into your carpeting.

If the smell of urine is an ongoing problem, there are candles designed to take that odor out of the air. This is an affordable way to keep your home fresh even when housebreaking a stubborn dog or an older dog with bladder control issues.

Consider a Deep Cleaner

Carpet Cleaner

There are compact deep carpet cleaners perfectly designed to give carpeting a deep clean after a housebreaking accident. You will pay more for these than sprays or candles, but it does ensure that you remove all scent of the accident for the sake of your dog and every human living in your home.

Is Safety a Concern with Dog Cleaning Supplies?

There are some all-natural sprays that you may consider if you don’t want to use cleaning supplies with harsh chemicals in your home. Some of these products are just as effective as other products, but they are made with healthier, natural ingredients. You may notice that some cost more than other cleaning products.

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