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Essential Dog Care Products

There are some dog care products and supplies that every dog owner needs regardless of their dog’s age, gender or breed.

These are things you will use on a daily basis to keep them healthy and ensure they thrive. Some items are used to play and bond with your dog while others are essential to your dog’s survival. Keep reading to make sure your dog has everything needed for a healthy, safe, happy life.

Top 10 Dog Care Products:

1. Collar or Harness and Leash/Lead

Collars go around your dog’s neck and harnesses fit around your dog’s midsection. You only need one or the other and will attach the leash to the metal loop on either one. This allows you to gently guide your dog when you go on walks, but it also gives you something to hold if you want to gain control of your dog at home. A harness is gentler, since it doesn’t choke your dog if you need to pull them out of the street or another unsafe condition.

A leash/lead is essential if you want to take your dog beyond your own backyard. Most areas have laws requiring dogs to remain on leashes and within the control of their owners at all times. You can buy excellent retractable leashes such as this - that allow your dog to have more room safely walk away from you while you remain control to bring them back closer to you as needed.

2. Feed Supplies

Every dog will need their own food and water bowls. You can purchase water bowls that have larger jugs screwed to the top, like this one,  allowing water to automatically flow into the bowl as your dog drinks. As long as you don’t need to control when and how much water your dog drinks for potty training purposes, this type of water bowl makes it easier to keep your dog in water at all times.

3. Home Containment Products

These can be divided into outdoor and indoor dog care products and there are a large variety of each.  Doggy homes and kennels for outdoors tend be made of sturdy build materials.  Kennels and crates for your home are more likely to be made a light wood, durable fabric or of a collapsible wire or mesh.  

Dog Carrier

are In addition, one of the most useful dog enclosures is for a car journey.  These mobile dog kennels usually collapse when not used.  They are able to be secured so that in the event sudden car braking or violent maneuver, the dog is not thrown within the car and injuring not only themselves but also other passengers as well.

What you buy in this category depends on the age of your dog and how much access you want to give them to your home at any given time. Puppies benefit from containment while they are learning the rules of the house, especially the rules regarding potty zones and times. Older adults may only need contained if you are leaving them home alone for a short period of time. Don’t think of containment as punishment. Many dogs think of their crates as their beds and willingly spend time in them.

Home kennels or crates are good options if you ever need to leave a dog home alone, especially a puppy. You should never leave them for long periods of time, but a crate will keep your home and the puppy safe while you are gone.

There are also round fences or play pens that you can use indoors, and some can be used outdoors. Baby gates can also be used to block off doorways if you want to limit your dog to one room or certain sections of your home are another option..

4. A Place to Rest

What dog doesn’t need a safe, comfortable place to rest their head? Until you get an official dog bed that your dog can call their own, piles of blankets and pillows may work. Make sure you select a dog bed that is large enough for your dog to grow into if you have a larger breed puppy.

5. Nutritious Food

Pick one dog food and stick with it consistently. Make sure it contains natural ingredients, such as real meat and vegetables. You don’t want a food that is loaded with substandard ingredients that provide bulk with little food value and no nutrition for your dog.

6. Snacks and Rewards

This doesn’t mean food snacks only. Some high-quality, nutritious food snacks are good, but you can also reward your puppy with toys, gentle pats on the head and strokes on their flanks, love and verbal rewards. You just want them to know when they are doing as expected and keeping you happy.

7. ID Tag or Microchip

These dog care products are used to identify your dog if they get out of your yard or otherwise end up lost. You may also need some form of ID tag when taking your dog in public, according to your area’s laws.

8. Toys

This is different from snacks and rewards because it shouldn’t be something your dog eats. Look for toys that your dog can throw around the house, chase around the yard, and play tug-of-war with you on the other end. The toys available today are endless, so have fun shopping.

9. Basic Grooming Supplies

You can either purchase grooming supplies for your home or plan to take your dog to a groomer on a routine basis. The basic supplies consist of a dog shampoo and brush, but you may also want to purchase products to care for your dog’s teeth. A groomer will add small touches, such as a bow in on the head, but you don’t necessarily need those things. You will also need cotton balls and water to clean your dog’s eyes and ears as needed.

10. Medication and Supplements

There are some medications that are essential dog care products and are needed by every dog, such as heartworm medication. You must see your vet for routine checkups in order to get recommendations for preventative medications specific to your dog’s needs.

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