Essential Dog Care Information for Your Dog’s Health

Most loving pet owners may not have the dog care information they need or be confused about their dogs behavior from time to time.

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So how do you keep a dog healthy? This is a question often asked by first-time dog owners, but it is a question that all dog owners must ask at some point in time. You may realize that you need to feed your dog, but do you know what you should feed them? You may also know that dogs want to spend time with their owners and feel loved, but how much attention should you give them? All of these questions fall within the realm of basic dog care information which you will explore I more depth on this page.

Pay Attention to Energy and Mood Changes

When a dog gets sick, struggles with obesity or becomes depressed, one of the first noticeable signs is a change in their energy level or mood. If your dog is typically zipping around the house excitedly in the morning, you should notice if they suddenly start sleeping half the day. If your dog is generally begging to go out for walks but suddenly doesn’t want to get out of bed, you should take that as a sign that something is wrong.

Happy, energetic dogs are generally getting the nutrients that they need from their meals and supplements. They are alert and responsive to their environments, telling you that they are in good health and are thriving. Some dogs can naturally have more energy than others, so you are looking for changes from what is the norm for your dog. Don’t try to compare your dog to other dogs, especially different breeds.

Don’t Go Cheap on Dog Food

Even if you are caring for your dog on a tight budget, you should give the highest quality food you can afford. Look for foods that consist of real foods and which have no filler ingredients that make the product cheaper but less nutritious.

Once you have a quality dog food, make sure you do not overfeed your dog. You want them to know that you love them because you talk to them, walk with them and play with them. Food is not a way of showing love, but a way of caring for your dog so that they stay healthy. They can’t stay healthy if they are overeating.

Feeding too many treats can lead to health problems such as obesity. Just as you need to watch how much food they are eating, you shouldn’t go overboard on treats. Try to use petting sessions and words such as “good boy” as rewards.

Exercise Is Essential

Every dog, regardless of age or breed, needs exercise. Puppies need more exercise than some adults, but some breeds require extensive exercise even when fully grown. They can get some exercise by playing with you in the house or running around the yard, but you should try to take them on walks and provide some structured exercise as well.

Partner Up with a Trustworthy Veterinarian

The vet should not be a place that your dog goes only when something is wrong with them. When you first bring your dog home, see a vet to ensure that they are healthy and receive recommendations for food, exercise and other elements of basic care. Think of your vet as a partner when it comes to caring for your dog, and see them on a routine basis for checkups. This alone can help you prevent many illnesses or injuries that may otherwise strike your dog.

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