Choosing a Dog Crate

These days choosing a dog crate takes serious thought.Every dog crate you choose from has to contain  your own dogs personal specification and fulfill the  the full list of what you require for your own personal circumstances, taking into consideration the type of area and building the dog is to call home.

Consider a Wire Crate
when choosing a dog crate first

When choosing a dog crate the best  for you depends on a number of factors, as there are many different types to choose from and different purposes to use them for.

Choosing one that ticks all your boxes is not easy.Although many are now designed for multi functional purposes for instance the average airline dog crate cannot be one of the collapsible dog crates or folding dog crates.They have to be a box type container which is ideal to use in a car for road journeys.

Wire Crates:

Consider choosing a wire dog crate, they are a far cooler alternative during the summer months more so than the solid  variety, and it does not hinder their sight. Some dogs and puppies like being able to see what is going on around them and an open wire crate will achieve this.

One of the big pluses is that a wire crate is so easy to clean and of course it can be used to transport your dog in a car provided it is secured so that any sudden movement by the car the crate remains secure d.

These crates come with a variety of detachable floor pads and covers for safety and comfort. Although some puppies can chew and scratch through even the toughest materials and this should be considered when buying your first crate.


Good for dogs that get hot easily, due to either living in a hot climate or having a heavy coat Removable floor tray is easy to clean Good for hot and humid climates, since they allow plenty of ventilation


Some escape-artist dogs find that it's easier to break out of wire crates Large sizes can be heavy and difficult to move

When choosing a dog crate especially your first remember this will become the dogs refuge and retreat for times when you are not around so it is important  to ensure there is space in it for a water bowl or even a food bowl if you are out for a number of hours at a time.

These type of crate are ideal to use for a first puppy, potty training ,is easy as they are me of usually durable polypropylene with chrome plated steel doors, chrome-plated ventilation side panels, and a leak-proof bottom. Some even come with a second detachable extra base so one can be washed as the other dry based is used


These are Highly portable. Bottom of crate can sometimes be used as an open dog bed if the crate is no longer wanted offer better insulation in colder climates. Many of them are airline approved so can be used for air travel.


Lack of air circulation Easily get frustrated as they can't able to see out the sides

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