Best Dog Chew Toys for
Your Dog’s Teeth

Some of the best dog chew toys can not only be fun for your dog, they can really help to clean your pet’s teeth as well.

Best Dog Chew Toys

Dental health is just as important for your dog as it is for you. You may give treats out of love, but you should give chew toys occasionally out of respect for your pet’s teeth. A good chew toy can keep their teeth clean and strong while improving the health of their gums. This is important for dogs of all ages. This guide will introduce you to the chew toy options on the market today so that you can make the best decision for your dog’s health.

Ask Your Vet about the Best Dog Chew Toys

If your dog has any medical conditions at all or you are concerned about the type of chew toys suitable for your dog, bring the subject up when you go in for your next vet visit. Your vet may advise against giving chew toys that are edible or may recommend specific toys that will benefit your dog in some unique way.

If your dog has no medical conditions and isn’t struggling with weight issues, you may safely use most chew toys without getting a professional’s opinion or approval. This is more a precaution for those with known health problems.

Make Chewing a Game

Some of the best dog chew toys give dogs a reward for chewing hard enough and long enough. These are chewable toys that allow you to hide treats inside. Kong toys are by far the most popular, and they come in many different sizes and designs. You can hide peanut butter and a variety of other treats inside these toys, so you aren’t limited to store-bought dog treats.

There are other toys that give you the option to hide a treat inside, and you may find that dogs of all ages attack these toys with great interest even when other toys have failed to grab their attention. Just make sure you aren’t overfeeding your dog when giving them this kind of chew toy.

Plastic Chew Toys

Since you have to limit the amount of edible chew toys that your dog enjoys, it helps to have some plastic chew toys on hand. These allow your dog to play and chew as often as they like without the concern of overeating or negatively impacting health conditions.

Dental Bones

Look for toys that are made from firm, flexible plastic that you can easily bend and twist. You don’t want something so hard that your dog may crack or break a tooth, but you don’t want a plush toy that some dogs may tear to shreds, creating a mess in your home.

Some of these chew toys squeak or make other noises which may entertain your dog. Those noises may also startle some dogs, so consider your dog’s personality when making a selection. Make sure to read our article about potential toxins in plastic chew toys if you want to use this type of toy.

What about Rawhide?

Rawhide bones are one of the most common products owners buy for their dogs to chew, but they aren’t your best option. Hard, large bones can crack or break a dog’s teeth. It doesn’t happen to every dog, but it is a possibility. The risk may go up if you have an older dog because their teeth may not be as strong as they once were.

If you can find rawhide chews that are thin and bendable, they are a much better option as chew toys. Just remember that they are indigestible, so they are considered a source of food. You shouldn’t give your dog too many food treats because it can impact their weight and overall health.

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