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Welcome to SeniorDogLovers.com.  My name is Don and I am the man behind the scenes.  I am here to share my tips to help seniors and their dogs live a long and happy life together.

About Me and My Dogs in England

I remember my first memories are of Lady, my grandfathers Alsatian dog.  She was a gentle creature and put up with my crawling all over her before I could walk, pulling on anything of her I could get hold of without her once getting annoyed with me.

During my very early days, I can never remember a time when she wasn't there to welcome and fuss me whenever we visited. The other dog in my life at that time was Gyp (short for Gypsy.)  She was a border collie and belonged to my mothers parents.  She was another docile dog.

Looking back my very early years, it was a time that was surreal by today's way of living, but all I knew was as it was in those times. It was a time of total war and my grandparents were early casualties.
Rather tragically, my mothers parents home was badly damaged in a WW2 during a bombing raid.  The house next to my grandparents took a direct hit.  All the people were killed and my Gran's house was badly damaged. I was told they were saved only because they sheltered beneath their staircase and survived with minor injuries and shock.

They saved what they could and came to live with us. Unfortunately, Gyp and all but one of her puppies were killed,she was mine the.I called her Pip. As a tiny tot I was given the pup to look after. Pip and I were constant companions for her lifetime.

Times were very bleak and there was little practical help.  Food was rationed.  Families or friends were expected to help each other which everyone did.
In those  times it did not seem abnormal to hear the German bombers overhead at night or see the glows of fires from other bombed towns. Daytime going to and from school seeing local based Spitfires in the air or B24s and Mustangs some had been damaged but still flying to one of the local airbases,this was  normal.

Everyone in those difficult days wanted to help many like ourselves took in those evacuated people into their homes,mostly women and children that were refugees from other towns and cities.

By the time the conflict was over my mother and her sister were both widows. Pip and I became a significant source of income to my mother and baby brother.  Pip and I developed a technique using smoke and fire bellows for catching rabbits from their burrows. Those that escaped my snares at the burrow entrances, Pip would catch, as they ran out from the burrows, those we didn’t eat, I sold.

Pip never tired of this wonderful game and it made a significant difference for us.  We also developed other different ways and means of earning. I had a little cart and we carried bags mainly US service persons bags for pennies as they arrived on leave at the local stations. I was just eight years old then.

Pip was seventeen when our partnership finally ended.   She left and I was with her.

My Own Son and Our Dog Gunner

My elder son was almost a teenager when we did manage to persuade my wife to think about getting a dog.  She had a allergy that made her eyes itch if she touched a dog, so we agreed to certain ground rules.

My older son would look after it.  He said he wanted to call it Dan. But after a family talk it was decided it be called Gunner after a close friends dog who had tragically been killed. We chose the biggest most boisterous male puppy in the litter and it was agreed by all it he would be Gunner.

We took him to obedience training and we spent a most of our leisure time with him walking in the Lakes District as a family group.  He developed his own character but would obey all commands.  He was very loving, and he had his own little games. He would search the borders of public areas and find all sorts of balls which he would proudly bring to us.  He wanted to play with them first and we learn't to let him play once he got bored and he would drop them at our feet.

I tried to train Gunner as a gun dog. He was great at fetching things that I had downed but he was a runner. That meant when he was sat at my side, but as soon as I raised the gun to shoot...he was off and that was not safe for him.  I could not change that habit so I stopped shooting with him. 

Our Dog Danny and Danny 2

Gunner was about four when our younger son arrived home after a local soccer match with a Welsh Border collie, a well cared puppy obviously lost we thought. We made numerous enquirers even police and local animal sanctuaries to see if someone had lost a dog but nobody responded. So we gained another dog.  My younger son named him Danny.  He had a wonderful temperament.

Our younger son took him to agility training and they were very close.

As a family with our dogs we had wonderful thirteen years special times and great experiences before the first sad parting.  Later, when Danny went is was so traumatic that we vowed no more heart breaking partings.

However some time went by and a friend a local show bizz personality asked if we would look after his Goldy for a few days while he was working away and we agreed. It was for a week at first but then he spent more time with us.  Our boys had left home and it was good to get out walking again.This was Jasper

Another Dog For Us?

Will we get another dog, but not for a while until the sadness has gone.  But when you have a dog, they are always pleased to see you with a wagging tail and a genuine welcome. For just a little loving care and the price of a little food, they give back so very much. So yes we will get another dog when the time is right.

It wasn't long before our younger son turned up with his new dog, a border collie named Danny 2.  Within the year, we were looking after Danny2 on an almost permanent basis.

He is past his fifteen now and we can't take long walks.  We now take 3-4 times per day just for 20 minutes. He is still excited about his tats as we call them and wags his tail but he is slow and way behind so we have to wait and he sniffs and sniffs at almost every bush.   He enjoys his little walks but he is pleased to get back home have a drink.  Then he flops down and goes to sleep 10 minutes before his meal time.

There has been an update on his condition recently that has seen him change into almost younger dog again. At a recent trip to the Vets he suggested we try a new treatment, a long release pill administered once a month that could alleviate and help his  condition, and it has worked.

He can run now for a little and is much brighter and other doggy folks we meet on walks all remark on this change in his ability and well being.

If have an elderly old dog or know someone who has an old dog and you think that may benefit the dog you can contact me at dondooless@hotmail.com and I would more than pleased to pass on this good news information so that you can check with your Vet to see if it is available to get for your dog.

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