Grain Free Dog Food Recipes

Grain Free Dog Food Recipes Can Help With Dog Food Allergy Symptoms And Dog Digestive Problems

Grain free dog food recipes are fast becoming the first choice for their dogs as it becomes more widely known that many products manufactured dog foods contain multiple toxins, carcinogens, allergens and ingredients that can provide your dog with poor source nutrition.

The processes used in preparation of the foods can be the cause of many allergies, the same ingredients used in the manufacture can cause allergic reaction in some dogs but not in others leading to the conclusion that it is not the ingredients that are the cause of an allergic reaction in one dog but not another.
These reactions are due to the different processes used in the preparation.
All g
rain free dog food recipes are growing in popularity and raw food in particular is gaining many who believe with a raw food  dog diet there is less likelyhood  of a dog developing allergies.

As species of dogs vary so do their diets,a working sheep dog running around field all day would require a different diet than that of a pet sheep dog within a family.

The dog that is fed a particular variety of grain free dog food recipes in a diet specific for its own species is much less likely to become overweight than a dog that is fed a high carbohydrate and nutrient poor grain-based diet.

Cereal and grain based foods convert quickly by the body into sugar spiking insulin production levels the collective effect of this can be to create hypo-activity and hunger in the dog.

Many poor quality dog foods are comprised of these fillers providing a poor source of nutrition so they must consume a much larger quantity of that 'food' in order to extract actual nutritive value,there is also the risk of the dog throwing up undigested food as well as increasing dog skin yeast infection problems.

Dogs with a diet of these lower quality premium dog food brands that can be cereal bulk based foods appear to be far more susceptible to a dog skin yeast infection The typical symptoms seems to start with a dog infection between the toes similar or a dog skin yeast infection. These  bulk cereal filler foods add very little to the nutritional value so the dogs eat more bulk with little nutrients so they eat more which creates fat and obese, just as it does in humans when they eat the wrong foods.

With grain free dog food recipes pet owner can more easily quantify the correct amount of food their dog requires to to keep them at the optimum level of health

By changing your pet from the commercially highly processed dog food, to a more natural home-made dog food this can provide huge benefits to your dog’s nutrition,overall health and well being.

If your dog is overweight

Grain Free dog food recipes can differ widely when using meat or fish protein but the balance of protein is the important factor against the carbohydrate content.

The best approach is to feed your dog a truly good balanced diet.

Reduce carbohydrates intake and increase protein and the beneficial source of fat,

Coconut oil is and excelant source omega-6 fatty acid, a high ly cooked vegetable, frozen/thawed or fresh vegetables and fruit. 

There are 3 main grain free dog food recipes for providing nutritious meals for you dog

1   Fully cooked food .

2   Blended cooked and fresh food together

3   Mix of raw food .

Menu appropriate for the following Grain Free Dog Food Recipes

  •  Puppies;
  • Young Dogs;
  • Adult Dogs,
  • Old Dogs,

What is the quantity of food that your your dog requires daily

Which Feeding and Water Bowls to use (Do's & Don'ts

If at all possible do not use: Avoid coated cooking utensils and pans avoid in particularly aluminium bowls and plastic bowls.

The same is true for water bowls- no aluminium or plastic bowls. Many carcinogenic substances in plastic gradually make their way into and through your dog's whole system via the food bowl. This gradual intake of this additional toxic load can give cause to added damage to your pets overall  physical and mental health – brain the brain in particular can be affected as well as your dogs general health, organ health.

This can be a major contribution to any adverse changes owners perceive in any change in their pets behavioural patterns and causes noticed in any major health problems.


Fruits Fruits are simple sugars: are the power energy foods of the natural world. And the simple sugars they contain provide generate a flow of energy to the animal. The prime example is that of wild bears who gorge of ripe wild fruit there body save for their long winter sleep hibernation. However, fruits are considered more toxic to your dog. In many cases, it is simply the seeds, pits or stems that are poisonous. Give your dog a sliced apple with the skin attached and seeds removed,banana without the skin is also another a healthy treat; As

Poisonous Fruits and Veggies

Feeding you pet fruit isn't that simple as giving it what you would normally eat and some may cause severe illness or even death here are some to beware of,and as a rule and precaution avoid all fruit seeds as here are a few of the most common

Apple seeds, apricot pits, cherry pits and peach pits are all toxic to dogs, although the fruit is OK. Avocado and onions are particularly dangerous; raisins and grapes can cause severe problems and are best avoided

Many Dental issues can be held in check with just a big baked bone.

It helps keep the teeth clean

The gums healthy

The jaws in good strong condition

Also can provide the dog with hours of concentration

Grain free dog food recipes

Important factors in a dogs diet

Rotate the main proteins every week, each source of protein varies and is slightly different. The chain of amino acid in each protein can vary and the same applies to the level of concentration in each of amino acids which is different in each protein. The variety of protein is most beneficial for any pet, assisting in a high level of all round health . Suggested proteins are mainly animal meats and there availability will depend your living location although it is true to say most types of meat is widely available world wide.

These are the most common of beef, tripe, chicken, turkey, fish, tofu, and eggs.

A balanced menu will consist of adding some types vegetables with some types fruits


Broccoli, for example, is a great source of vitamin C, folic acid, beta carotene and calcium. Spinach is another member of this cabbage group that is highly nutritious and is power store house of iron, as well as supplying calcium, potassium and various antioxidants. Green beans and peas are also favourite for your pet both are nutritious and can be used as a treat

Carrots are another favorite and can add the extra touch of sweetness to their meal as well as providing beta-carotene and other great nutrients Celery is another great crunchy treat the love in a meal like carrots add raw to their food Sweet potatoes are another basic primary and ingredient that is now a favorite with many. Bell peppers, particularly red ones, provide large quantity of fibre and beta carotene, as well as other nutrients and antioxidants.

Salmon is a great oily fish for your dog

Ingredients for popular Grain Free Dog Food Recipes  

• Cheap meat ( beef brisket, shin or chuck with fat removed):


  • Fish with bones taken out.

usually cooked
• Sweet potatoes
usually cooked
• Carrots
• Celery/
• Green beans

Basically, the ratio is 50% meat: 50% vegetable:

(Although the ratio of vegetables can be increased by 10 or even 15%more) depending on the animals diet requirements)

Prepare the meat in a cooker with 2 cups of water to each pound of meat

Sweet potato makes up the bulk of the vegetable matter about 30% of the 50% which is boiled /steamed before mashing even roasted with a little veg oil

Green veg spinach broccoli we steam to just under done

Carrots, celery, green beans chopped raw added to the meal bowl fresh

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