Dog  Food Quantity Chart

This dog food quantity chart is a general guide to help you judge the portion size and the amount of food for your dogs daily requirements.It is separated into charts for each of the following:  Puppies, Adult Dogs and Older Dogs..

This Quantity of Food Chart is only a general guide, as many types dogs of vary in the nutritional amount they require daily.

The Yorkshire terrier, Poodle and Shiz Tzu are examples of Toy Dog Size.

Terriers,Beagle and Spaniel are examples of Small Dogs Breeds.

Border Collie Boxer and Bulldog are rated as Medium size dogs.

Large Dogs are the general size of the Golden Retriever Alsatian and bloodhound

Extra Large dogs include St Bernard, Great Pyrenean and Newfoundland


Puppies are notoriously greedy,take care not to overfeed them. Too much weight on very young limbs and organs can cause strain and problems can develop.

 Dog Food Quantity Chart for Puppies

Puppies Body Weight

Daily approximate quantities for a Puppy

Puppies Body Weight Daily approximate quantities

Puppy (up to 6 months)

Body Weight 1kg - 5kg Daily Quantity 25g - 100g
                        5kg - 10kg                         100g - 200g
                        10kg - 20kg                       200g - 350g
                        20kg - 30kg                       350g - 450g
                        30kg - 40kg                       450g - 550g

Junior dogs From (6 - 12 months)

Body Weight 1kg - 5kg Daily Quantity 25g - 75g
                          5kg - 10kg                            75g - 150g
                       10kg - 20kg                             150g - 300g
                      20kg - 30kg                              300g - 400g
                      30kg - 40kg                              400g - 500g

Adult Dogs:

General Approximate food Quantities


It is a good idea to keep a diary( say monthly) to note any unusual actions the dog may have developed. Scratching,licking shaking its head are symptoms but there are many more to watch out for.

Many dogs develop allergies some slight infirmities over a matter of months. These can due their intolerance to some ingredients in their food or in the method used in its manufacture. By using your diary you can recognise these activities early before it results in a problem for your dog.

Most are easily rectified by simply changing the food brand that has the same ingredients but uses a different food processing method,thus eliminating the culprit causing the allergy or problem.

Dog Food Quantity Chart for Adult Dogs

Size of dog Body Weight Approx Daily Amount

Toy Dog

Body Weight1kg - 5kg Daily Quantity 25g - 50g

Body Weight 5kg - 10kg Daily Quantity 50g – 100g;

Medium Size Dog
Body Weight 10kg - 20kg Daily Quantity 100g - 200g

Large Dog
Body Weight 20kg - 30kg Daily Quantity 200g - 300g
                          30kg - 40kg                              300g - 400g

Extra Large Dog
Body Weight 40kg - 50kg Daily Quantity 400g - 500g

Feeding Guide: Senior Dogs

How old is an older dog, experts say when a dog passes past half its average lifespan it is past its prime. It is an older dog and therefore its diet and meals should be amended as it ages and an specialist older dog preferred which should include some of the supplements not found in the younger dog foods.

As your pet gets older thought should be given for more smaller meals three times per day rather than the one or two bigger meals this enables the dog digestive and bowel organs to work with less effort and pressure on their digestive systems.

This will help keep the animal as fit and healthy even though they may not be able to run as fast or as far,just like us older humans, we slow down but with a good diet plenty general exercise and love around us we can still continue to enjoy life.

Generally Older Dogs require a food content that provides more supplements suited to its age,health and well being or a specialist food for an elderly dog

Dog Food Quantity Chart for Older Dogs

                       Older Dog Food Quantity Chart

Size of dog Body Weight
Approx Daily Amount

Toy Dog
Body Weight 1kg - 5kg Daily Quantity20g - 40g

Small Dog

Body Weight 5kg - 10kg Daily Quantity 40g - 80g

Medium Size Dog
Body Weight 10kg - 20kg Daily Quantity 80g - 160g

Large Dog
Body Weight 20kg - 30kg .  Daily Quantity160g - 240g
                       30kg - 40kg                              240g - 320g

Extra Large Dog
Body weight 40kg - 50kg.   Daily quantity 320g - 400g

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