Natural dog food flavors. Helping dogs recover after illness or operations

Many experts recommend that you vary your dog food flavors regularly.Try introducing a new food like fish gradually with their food reducing the older dog food flavor and quantity so they are eating the same volume of food.Then you can change and try beef,lamb and chicken in any order,using the same gradual process

By changing the types of animal protein in their food you entice the dogs very acute sense of smell this alone can stimulate the animals natural excitement to the new food.This change in providing a variety of  flavors is particularly good and effective for dogs who are picky eaters and for those who seem never to have a ravenous appetite.

Stimulating Dogs who are Picky eaters

Here are a few basic tips.

First thing is not leave food out in their bowl to long, if they refuse to eat it as soon as you put its meal bowl down.

If they don't eat it as soon as you put it out or within say 30 minutes take it away. At first and it can make things worse because they will feel that you will provide something better,and that they can have food whenever they want, so many refuse and just kept holding out for the good stuff.

Some things you can try to make their dog food experiences more interesting:

1. Mix some tiny bits of strong cheese or cooked bacon pieces into his kibble.
2. Add some water to the dry food to bring out the flavour.
3. Mix a bit of wet food into the dogs food.
4. Get some dog food gravy to mix in with the dogs food.

5 Mix in a little beef extract mixed with say a third of a cup of water,then add it to the food but don't get their food too sloppy.

6 Some times a dog's appetite can be stimulated by some raw mined beef mixed in with the food

If the dog won't eat the food after any of the above added, then he may be ill. Consider a visit to your vet if this lasts for more than a day.

Wet or Dry Food,with only Natural dog Food Flavors

Many dry foods are cereal based with added protein and vitamins and are very popular and in the main the quality brands provide what the dog needs.

There there are a number others that are well known and advertised widely that not what you could consider are poor consist of bulk but no benefit,You must read the labels and discard those with artificial substances contained in them.

But which do you choose? Which food flavor will it like best,is fish or meat.Tuna and are favorites with fish while meat is divided into white and red meat, chicken or turkey? With red meat its mainly lamb or the beef?

Then its wet or the dry food? Yeah it can feel confusing, but it is not as complicated as it seems. Some people decide which foods to feed to their pets based on their experience with previous dogs and some base their decision on what the breeder recommended for that type of dog, some take the advice of their veterinarian. Then there is the hype and influence of of television and magazine advertisements, all claim to the best food for your pet to contend with.

The bottom line is after taking advice from various sources its your decision.

    Here are some tips to consider.

1 Always always check the label on your dog food for the contents you'd be surprised of what some contain that in the long run can be harmful to your dog.

2 Check the protein content is natural protein and not mechanically recovered or synthetic protein.

3 Check the dog food flavors along with and the contents on the label.check the ingredients are from a natural source of protein/cereal and not an artificial concoction sprayed on the food to attract and entice to dogs smell senses.

Any Food you provide must contain only natural dog food flavors of meat or fish along with cereal and vegetable matter.There many raw easy digestible fruits and vegetables you can add to your dogs meal that will help maintain a healthy and contented life.

A Healthy Happy Dog and a Great companion

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